Green Lake
Township of Madawaska Valley
Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada

Latitude    45o 23.5'                    Longitude      77o 38.5'

This small (~1 km2) land-locked lake is largely spring fed with no above-ground exit and is sheltered from heavy winds.
The Lake level is relatively constant, varying with weather and the seasons rather than with any flood-control program.
The ice generally melts in place rather than being pushed ashore, so the freeze and thaw is more directly dependent on temperature
than is the case with larger lakes exposed to more variables.

The slope now shows the ice cover per year to be receding per year;
More significant perhaps, is the trend toward more chaotic behavior in the last half of the sample.

Data Table: LakeIce2021.pdf

For more data on more lakes see the Environment Canada site
(EMAN section "IceWatch")

Green Lake Data:
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