The Barron Canyon


Nestled on the right hand side of Algonquin Park, is the Barron River. A modest river now, it has seen more spectacular days.
About 10 000 years ago, all of the water from the melting glaciers poured through the area with the volume of a thousand Niagaras.

The rush of water carved a deep chasm out of the solid Gneiss of the Canadian Shield forming Cedar Lake, Radiant Lake and Lake Traverse, and then cutting out the walls of the Canyon.
The river delta emptied out into the Champlain Sea which covered present day Petawawa and Ottawa forming a great sand plain that now lies beside the Ottawa River.


October views from the top



Today "relict" crustaceans and such ancient fish as the Deepwater Sculpin inhabit the lakes along the drainage route. Plants such as the Encrusted Saxifrage leach lime out of the rock, and the lichen Xanthoria forms bright orange stains on the exposed rock faces.

Sounds interesting enough to paddle up to see!

So I did.

On Wednesday, Aug 30, 2000

My Amateur Video is captured in stills for your viewing pleasure.


Enjoy the Show!