Doug De La Matter

Blue Herons


Blue Herons are most often seen standing patiently in a swamp, waiting for an unlucky fish or frog to come within reach. We don't think of them as creatures of the air, but a visit to a nesting colony reveals that, although they look ungainly, they are quite comfortable clinging to small branches.
They also are dedicated parents, waiting for the chicks to wake up before feeding, and never leaving the nest area until their partner returns with more food.

Note that although these photos are enlarged to make closeups, they were shot from a camoflaged blind over 50m from the nests.
Great care was taken to avoid disturbing the adults.

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By the time the chicks are 'teenagers', (18 days later) the parents stay away longer hunting for enough food to keep the family growing. They are big enough that the nest is unlikely to be attacked by an eagle or hawk.

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