Doug De La Matter

Water: Wet and Dry

We normally think of water in the liquid form, but in Canada, we are surrounded by the solid form for almost half of the year.

Yes, we all can walk on water... IF we pick the season correctly!
(And the season is getting shorter.)

The images range from ice-crystal studies to the incredible beauty of the transitions as drops of melt water lose the battle between surface tension and gravity. Dew drops form on spider-webs and hang, supported by the thinnest of protein fibres that gram-for-gram are much stronger than steel.

Only rare conditions form Ice-Spikes on the surface of a lake. Water gets pushed through a small hole in the ice, freezes and forms a hollow tube. Eventually, a pipe the size of a common pencil sits upright on the surface of the ice.

And when we look deeply into lake ice suspended in sunlight, we can see worlds that might be confused with images from the Hubble Telescope.

Our world is made of water, and there are worlds within every drop.

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