Doug De La Matter

Nature: Up Close and Personal

This collection of pictures is the core of my first solo-exhibition. Many of them were captured after I started experimenting with a Macro lens. When my camera could record things from a very close range, I started to see patterns and images that I had previously overlooked. From the many generous and supportive comments I received at my first show, the one that made me the happiest was from an acquaintance who said: 'When I left the gallery, I saw a small coloured mushroom on the lawn, and I wanted to get on my hands and knees to look at it up-close!' And that is the essence of the collection... to see familiar things for the first time. I hope it reminds You to stop and 'look at the roses'. We live in an Art Gallery, managed by Nature. And the admission is always Free.

To the Gallery

(If you wish to buy a print of any picture, email me with the gallery name and the picture number in the gallery.)